McNeal Enterprises, Inc.
McNeal's State of the Art Machining Department can operate up to 7 days a week with CNC machining centers, CNC turning centers, and conventional machines to provide its customers with precision machined plastic components. Manufacturing cells allow McNeal to cost effectively machine components. Equipment is upgraded continuously to ensure that McNeal capabilities exceed its customer's demand for precision machined plastic components.

McNeal's machining capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • The ability to hold tolerances to +/- 0.0001 when required
  • CNC milling of components to 30" X 60" X 30"
  • CNC Turning of components up to 24" in diameter
  • CNC Screw machining
  • Drill cross holes with burr-free intersections
  • Drill and tap long straight holes
  • Drill holes as small as 0.003
  • Machine parts as small as .020
  • Multi-layer manifolds
  • Retaining Rings

Materials Directory:

Advantages of Machining vs. Molding

When your injection molder cannot hold the tolerances required, McNeal can machine your injection molded parts to the required tolerance. Secondary operations of injection molded components that McNeal can provide include: milling, turning, drilling, threading, tapping, slots, flash removal, deburring, cleaning, bonding, assembly, testing and inspection.

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